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What is the difference between "to voyage" and "to travel"? I need the clear difference
Mar 14, 2008 8:37 PM
Answers · 3
Originally a "voyage" meant a long journey, travel by ship over water, the only means of travel over very long distances in the past. Today, voyage has the same inherent meaning...a "long" trip. To "travel" would be the movement from place to place, not necessarily a long trip, but it doesn't exclude a long trip from one point to another.
March 15, 2008
A voyage ( noun ) is a journey to some distant place As a verb it could mean sail or navigate . Travel is going from a place to another ,a journey , a trip ,maybe shorter than a voyage. But they could be interchangeable in some context !
March 14, 2008
In English, 'voyage' means similar to go exploring and 'travel' means to go to different places. In conversations, many people think of voyage as an explorer or a going to go to an expedition as travel meaning to go to another place/city/etc..
March 14, 2008
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