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Del Eted
Dont vs De Qui/Duquel Is "Rien ne montre mieux le caractère d'un homme que ce dont il rit." the same with "Rien ne montre mieux le caractère d'un homme que duquel il rit."? I find the first sentence kinda redundant, but it's said that "dont" is more often used?
Mar 17, 2008 11:52 AM
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You've got to use the first one. I don't know the general rule, but here you can't use "duquel" because there is no particular referent. "Nothing shows a man's character better than what he laughs with" (i'm not sure about that english sentence, but you'll know what i mean) 'What he laughs with' is something general, so you have to say "ce dont". 'Duquel' has to refer to something that has already been mentioned. I hope this is a bit clear?
March 17, 2008
Del Eted
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