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what the difference among "asset,capital and proferty"? I want to know ,pls kindly give me examples.
Mar 19, 2008 7:31 AM
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Asset = 资产 Capital = 资本 ... Regarding property, there are many types eg. 地产,房产, 财产, 知识产 (intellectual property). From an accounting & finance point of view, Property is part of Assets. Capital is what the owners of a business put into the business. To illustrate: Joe invested $1mil capital into his new company. Of that, $100,000 was put aside to meet future expenses. $900,000 was used to purchase various assets, of which $700,000 went to buying investment properties and $200,000 to motor vehicles. The above is in relation to accounting & finance. There are other uses for those words. Eg1. Mark is so hardworking, he's definitely an asset to the company. Eg2 n many countries, 1st degree murder is a capital offence (ie. punishment is death sentence if caught). Eg3 Who said you could take my MP3 player? Keep your hands off my property! Hope this helps.
March 19, 2008
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