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Do you reply or write to people with blank, cartoon, or obviously false avatars? I don't. Famous people, drawings, cats and dogs, blank avatars, pictures of things besides an actual human's face. . . Why bother?
19 Mar 2008 17:52
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Why bother? Because I don't want people trying to talk/flirt with me based on what I look like. I'm not here for that. I'm here to learn and to help those who have questions, regardless. I don't want appearance to get in the way.
19 Mart 2008
Hey, It really doesn't matter, if that person have a blank, cartoon, or avatar for their pic. I don't judge people by their appearances. Who cares what they look like as long as you trust that person. Some ppl don't put their real pic on coz of privacy reasons, they dont' want ppl they don't know stalking them. I'm also here to learn and help other if i can. Is it really important what they really look like?? I don't think so. No offense, but that's how I feel.
20 Mart 2008
Yes I used to have a photo and received too many friend requests, after I took it down I haven't received as many (but find people who do contact me are more serious). so it has made me doubt how sincerely they wanted to learn a language in the first place. No matter what their avatar is I'm sure most people have regular pictures they'll send and all of them have "an actual human's face" ... sometimes you just have to (oh no!) talk to them first.
29 Mart 2008
Whatevers clever coach...doesnt matter to me.
29 Mart 2008
I agree with what has already been said. Granted, I've seen some messages which state the persons are looking for love as well as language instruction, and some members do seek out attractive members of the opposite sex to be their "friends." Since I'm here to learn I honestly don't care about looks, and blank or cartoon avatars mean to me the person is sincere.
28 Mart 2008
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