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Who can understand this joke? In court, a policeman asserted a Scottish and a Jew were drunk as a fiddler and it was illegal. The judge : “They assert their innocence. Do you have any dicisive evidence?”. The policeman : “Of course.” The judge : “What's it?” The policeman : “The scottish threw the money to the Jew after he took money out of her pocket.” The judge : “So?” The policeman : “The Jew has put the moeny into the Scottish's pocket.” The judge : “So what? Is that dicisive evidence?” The policeman : “Yes. How could the Scottish and the Jew throw the money to each other if they didn't get dead drunk?” Is this funny? I can't understand why they can't throw the money to each other in this joke. Is there any special reason?
Mar 23, 2008 11:45 AM
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The joke is not very funny. It plays on a traditional belief, that both Scots and Jews are very tight with money. They never like to spend or give their money. There are a large number of Scot-jokes and even Jew-jokes around the subject of being tight with money. They are not usually very funny.
March 23, 2008
i also dont understand !!! 이해하지 멋해 !!! so it is a foolish joke,,, 그래서 나쁜 농담 이다 !!!! FOOLISH ANSWER !!!! RIGHT !!! HAHA
March 23, 2008
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