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Is the stroke order in which I write the Chinese characters really that important?
Mar 23, 2008 5:28 PM
Answers · 11
No, I donot think it's important as long as you could write it right~ it's just like drawing ,haha
April 1, 2008
in my opinion, is the stroke order important or not depends what you want, if writing is for the others could read, in this level, right or wrong stroke is not important, because people could read and get understand, but if you want to get the others enjoy your chinese characters, you'd better follow the stroke order. in another way, the stroke order is one of the calligraphy technic, if you don't follow the classical stroke order, and your order is accepted by peoples, then you are a great calligraphy master:D that's what i think, i don't know if i could make you understand, because my english is not good, so sorry about that:D
March 24, 2008
if you are a chinese, wrong order of strokes will be laughed at. but in fact, as you know,there are so many characters in chinese, one can hardly remember every single character's stroke order, just like the pronunciations. there are some orders we use commonly and are wrong. however, as a foreigner learning chinese, i strongly suggest you remember and follow the right stroke order and pronunciation and you can get rid of many confusions and troubles
March 24, 2008
Yes, I think so, it is very important, the right stroke order can benifit you remebering the character, and help you understand the Chinese characters.
March 24, 2008
I think it's importance for me, a Chinese,but not for you!hehe! And the right order can make you write the Chinese characters more quickly and more beautiful!
April 3, 2008
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