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What do you think is the most interesting Chinglish?
Dec 20, 2007 7:49 AM
Answers · 3
Haha, some jokes I know are: 1. How are you? 怎么是你? How old are you? 怎么老是你? 2. One car come. One car go. Two car "peng peng". One car die. (the description of a traffic accident...) 3. You have seed, I give you some colour to see see! Oh, and I remember another joke -- a sign in a Japanese hotel: "If the air conditioning is too hot or too cold, please control yourself." (控制你自己???)
December 28, 2007
Hmm, I think any warning with "Be careful" translated as "Carefully". Like: "Carefully slip!", "Carefully fall into the water!", "Slip and fall down carefully!" And some other stuff is just related to different cultures but it's still funny: "Tiny grass is shyly smiling and would not like to be interrupted." "Please respect the grass. It's alive." "Little grass has life. Please watch your step." Hehe, sounds so cute when compared to the normal English version: "Keep off the grass!" (The Dutch version of a "Keep off the grass!"-sign is even scarier. It usually features the words "Ten strengste verboden!" (Strictly forbidden!) and a small note referring to the chapter in Dutch law on which you can be prosecuted if you do violate that particular rule.) I wish they'd change all the signs for the friendly Chinese ones. 呵呵
December 24, 2007
"Good good study and day day up". I think it is the best and most interesting Chinglish I ever heard...lol. It is the "folk translation" version of Chairman Mao's saying: "好好学习,天天向上"!
December 23, 2007
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