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How can I become nature when I am speaking a sentence and happen to add a "s" or "es" after a verb? How can you remember to add "s" or "es" after a verb when the subject of the sentence is third person singular form? Doesn't a native english speaker never forget this rule?
24 мар. 2008 г., 16:30
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Most present-tense verbs in English have an s / es on the end of them in the 3rd person singular form. This is the standard verb conjugation in English. Whenever you are talking about he / she, you should plan to put s / es on the end of the verb. he walks she sings she laughs he goes he cries
25 марта 2008 г.
it comes natural. the most important thing is knowing how to write the verb. this can help you remember whether to put "s" or "es"
24 марта 2008 г.
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