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Ur ideal of women/men beauty? I wonder what type of beauty is preffered by ppl of different nationalities?
24 de Mar de 2008 às 17:08
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After having spent at least 1/3rd of my life i completely disregard the physical attractiveness of females and males. I believe the standards are introduced mainly by the media and the actual 'beautiful' of what media projects is nothing that pleases my senses and intellect. I dearly appreciate the trained and experienced character whereas equally, i admire the simplicity and pureness which i rarely find in our times. Regarding nationalities, i was born and raised in times where no lots of foreign people were common. In my hometown one could rarely see a person of different color. In my teens, it was hard for me to perceive beauty in black and asian phenotypes; as i grew older, under the effect of media, i soon was able to distinguish the proposed 'ideal' for beauty in those phenotypes. in my 34th year i definitely have a personal standard for 'attractive' in asian and black phenotypes too. and the ideal value for a woman, any friend or partner becomes trust
24 de Março de 2008
you're beautiful!
31 de Março de 2008
I am not sure if they way people see beauty changes always by culture (unless you are like the African tribe that believe they must fatten their young women up to marrying them off....the fatter they are the prettier they are). I think it just varies by personal view. Personally, I do like outward apperance....but who I think may be beautiful (handsome, actually) someone else may not think so. However, if he is nothing but beauty and no compassion or wisdom or true loving behavior....he can 'hit the road'.
25 de Março de 2008
What can i say?. Im just 18. If i told you I only like a internal beauty, i would be lying. Of course... i like a good face or body, phisical factors... (she has not to be necesairly a playboy girl) BUT if her persnoality doesnt make me forget how she is outside(pretty or ugly, doesnt matter), I just never gonna like her. And thats only the beggining. I just dont know how i would fall in love then.
24 de Março de 2008
As I saw various country. Beauty is in your eyes or how you look at it. People love simplicity and internal beauty.... If your heart is pure then you automatically looks beautiful
24 de Março de 2008
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