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difference between "be made of &be made from"
Jan 14, 2011 6:33 AM
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Here is an easy way to remember the difference. A chair made of wood because you can still see the wood. Wine made from grapes because you cannot see the grapes anymore. You should take into consideration the natural shape of a given object before determining whether to use 'of' or 'from'
January 15, 2011
They often seem to be used interchangably, but for me, the differences are: 'made of' - usually describes the principal component(s), such as "a box made of wood", or "a building made of steel and glass". 'made from' - used where the component material is not easily recognised, or where the originating material has been modified. For instance, a 'bottle of cider, made from fresh apples', "a curry sauce, made from 20 different spices", or "a marvellous medicine made from spiders' legs and rockinghorse poo".
January 14, 2011
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