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Words or phrases said repeatetedly and without thinking about them !!!! What do you call a word or a phrase that a person say repeatedly and without thinking about it like ( oh my god !! , what the hell ? and many differing from one person to another )...... as if the word is stuck to his toungue ..... What do you call a word like this ?????
15 يناير 2011 19:07
Answers · 4
The word you are trying to describe is "exclamation" . Often these exclamations of joy, fear or disbelief are followed by an exclamation mark[ !] Example: Oh my God!
15 يناير 2011
I used to say " actually " a lot and my friends began to call me " Ms, actually " hahahaha
16 يناير 2011
In German it's called Ausruf. There's also another term, Interjektion, sometimes used in grammar books. Jura already said that most exclamations are followed by an exclamation mark. Most of the time, they also have no verb. "Achtung!" "Ohje!" An exception to this would be: "Pass auf!"
16 يناير 2011
maybye it's a parasite word
16 يناير 2011
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