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Confused about the word 다녀오다 I saw this sentence today 은행에 좀 다녀와 주시겠어요? They give the translation Can you go to the bank please? In the break down of the sentence they give 다녀오다 as the base form of 다녀와 and say it means To get back from, to be back from. I have two dictionaries and I cant find 다녀오다 in either of them and how can a word meaning get back from, or to be back from be used to say Go? Surely if you are going to ask someone to go somewhere you would use 가다. Can you please explain this one for me as Im really confused here Thank you..
Jan 16, 2011 3:10 PM
Answers · 2
다녀오다 comes from 다니다, so you get the verb stem 다니 plus 어/아 (in this case 어 because of the preceding vowel) for 다니어, which simplifies to 다녀 and then add the verb 오다 (to come). 다니다 itself means to go someplace in order to do something. So 다녀오다 means to go someplace, do whatever you have to do there, and come back. The meaning is similar to the expression 갔다 오다 (to come having gone (somewhere)) but the grammatical structure is slightly different and 다녀오다 has a stronger sense of going someplace and doing something as opposed to just going and returning.
January 16, 2011
I found 다녀오다 on 네이버 and DAUM. Both said it means "to go and come back", like Joshua said. (We must be signed up for the same emails because I saw the same sentence today, too. :) )
January 16, 2011
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