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Bely Vazquez
other or another? i guess both are correct, but in which cases I´m going to use them?
Jan 17, 2011 2:21 AM
Answers · 2
another = an + other a book ... another book a student ... another student "other" is rarely used by itself. We usually say: another; the other(s), others ...exactly as we would use any other countable noun!
January 17, 2011
"Another" and "other" have different meanings. Both can be used with nouns in singular but "other" must be always used with the definite article "the" - "the other" or a possessive pronoun. "Another" used with a noun in singular means "one more or different: Would you like another cup of coffee? I don't like this bag. Will you show me another bag, please? "The, my, your,etc other" used with a noun in singular means the second of two people or things: He raised one arm and then the other. My other sister is a doctor. (It means that the person has only two sisters.) "Another" used with a noun in plural means "in addition": I have read 50 pages and I have to read another 70 pages. "Other" used with a noun in plural means "additional or different". Do you have any other questions? or Do you have another question? You can't say "Do you have another questions?" I think we use "another" with a noun in plural when we have information about those people or things: I must answer another 25 questions.
January 17, 2011
Bely Vazquez
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