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How to use the word" lead"? "Lead somebody to do something or Lead somebody to doing something" Which one is right?
Jan 17, 2011 2:45 AM
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"Lead somebody to do something"is correct. Here is a dictionary definition of "lead" and "led"[ past tense] for you that illustrates how to use this word. The word lead means: 1. To show the way to by going in advance. 2. To guide or direct in a course: I will l lead a horse by the halter. . 3. a. To serve as a route for; take: The path leads/led to a cemetery. b. To be a channel or conduit for (water or electricity, for example). 4. To guide the behavior or opinion of; induce: The teacher led us to believe otherwise. 5. a. To direct the performance or activities of: The conductor leads an orchestra. b. To inspire the conduct of: The Prime Minister leads the nation in its crisis. 6. To play a principal or guiding role in: She leads a discussion; He led the antiwar movement. 7. a. To go or be at the head of: The queen led the procession. My name led the list. b. To be ahead of: He led the runner-up by three strides. c. To be foremost in or among: She led the field in nuclear research; She led her teammates in free throws. 8. To pass or go through; live: We lead an independent life. 9. To begin or open with, as in games: He led an ace. 10. To guide (a partner) in dancing. The man leads the woman in a waltz []
January 17, 2011
Don't eat lead. :P
January 17, 2011
Lead somebody to do something. The banks are leading people to borrow large amounts of money. Mao lead his soldiers to do a lot of horrible things. I can't think of a lot of expressions like this.
January 17, 2011
This question is way to general.
January 17, 2011
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