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What's the difference between"review and revise"?
17 янв. 2011 г., 5:14
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To "review" means to read/study/see, or to evaluate something (e.g., to review a document by reading it, or to review a film as a critic). It is also sometimes used to mean "read/study/see again" (e.g., "Did you review your notes before the test?"). To "revise" means to change something (e.g., you might revise a document after reviewing it). "Revision" is the noun form of "revise" (e.g., "He made a few revisions to the spreadsheet").
17 января 2011 г.
A review is an evaluation of something, or an assessment. To review means to evaluate/assess an output/ outcome. An example - I have reviewed your presentation. It is good. To revise means to recall, to refresh someone's memory. An example: Did you revise this chapter? A noun from this verb is "Revision".
17 января 2011 г.
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