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Is this Hindi? :-? I cannot distinguish Indian languages:-?? here's a link for a song which I recognized some Persian words in it. could you please tell me whether it's Hindi or not? the song is called "o jaana" please do download it:p by the way, how many languages are there in India? and is there a considerable difference among these languages which makes them be called "a language"??!!! Here are the Persian words I recognized in the song!: ishq=eshgh (in Persian)=love junoon=junoon(in Persian)= insanity, madness tu=( "to" I suppose:-??)=you janaa=janaa(in old Persian, used to address a dear person or a beloved!)=it somehow means "soul" jahan= jahaan=world har waqt=har vaqt= whenever hardaam= har dam(again it used to be used in old Persian)= every second or whenever har shab= har shab= each night gham=gham= grief dil=del=heart rooh=rooh=spirit suroor=suroor=happiness khudi=khod=self(I'm not sure:-??) bekhudi=bikhodi= without any reason am I right? are the meanings correct?
Jan 17, 2011 3:38 PM
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yes it is a bollywood song. the reason that you recognized so many words is that most hindi song lyrics tend to be a mix of hindi and urdu. Most of the words that you have listed are part of the urdu vocabulary and are equally used by hindi speakers as well. there are 23 languages that are recognized as the official languages of India...but we have 200 + dialects too. As far as the difference is is easier to look at it this way...most people from the north would have a much easier time understanding people from other northern states in comparison to say, the south. This is because the dialects vary by region. ok this turned into a longer answer than i expected it to be...but i hope it helps you out! =)
January 20, 2011
Yes this is hindi, its a remix of a song from a movie called "Raaz - The Mystery Continues". And hindi has a lot of persian loanwords, that is why u recognized so much. There are 23 official languages in India, some of dravidian origin (e.g. tamil, telugu) and of indo-aryan origin (hindi, marathi)
January 17, 2011
Yes , it is ^_^
January 17, 2011
Yes it is Hindi
January 20, 2011
yes it is but it's a cocktail spicy language.
April 17, 2011
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