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Is Art of Salvador Dali masterpiece or a great foolishness? What is your opinion about Dali and his art?
17 янв. 2011 г., 18:45
Answers · 14
If you will understand the Art of Salvador Dali, so you will understand the real Spanish culture. The Art of Salvador Dali is a surrealistic understanding of a living! What more is else?. :))) I like the Art of Salvador Dali very much. Let me repeat the words of Alexandre again -- "Unique Art, Unique Person" !!!!
17 января 2011 г.
I love Salvador Dali. He is a surrealist, thats true, but he added something more to it. He had a big inner struggle with his personality because of biographical issues and he dared to face them all and express all he could find out of himself. Her "wife" Gala, was a stomemile into "helping" him to do the searching of his inner world. Ah, Dali has nothing, absolutely nothing spanish. He was born in a village some 20 km to french order in Catalunya and hardly travelled to Spain. He prefered to speak french or english sometimes and when in Port Lligat (the place where he had his main residence - he owned also a small palace some 40 km from Port Lligat, Púbol- where he died) he spoke exclusively in catalan, having used spanish only in his youth when he met Lorca and Buñuel and became close friends during the 20's.
17 января 2011 г.
Salvador is a genius!! His creativity is clever and unique. I went to his museum in spain and even the museum was full of creativity. I love it!
17 января 2011 г.
no no no he's a genius, artistic, creative at least for me, besides he's my favourite so far - i love surrealism. Same question may go for malevitch :p
17 января 2011 г.
)))))Alexandre is V)))
18 января 2011 г.
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