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really and indeed 中文:我真的很想你。 英文:I really miss you. I indeed miss you. So are these two sentence correct? what's the difference between really and indeed? THX
Jan 18, 2011 2:49 PM
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Haha, in Chinglish, should be "I truly miss you." Miss Miss miss me, I miss Miss Miss too, I have a date with Miss Miss, but I missed it, I am angry when I meet Miss Miss again, I throw an egg at her, but the egg missed Miss Miss, Oh, I have missed everything out, everything is missed due to Miss Miss. What a missed Miss Miss Miss is! How missed Miss Miss is! Now I truly miss Miss Miss, I really miss Miss Miss, I indeed miss Miss Miss, all of these are Miss Miss's misses.
January 18, 2011
Hello Kaly, 真 could mean in English 'really', 'indeed' or 'truly' . There is a difference however in English,when using 'indeed' or 'really' in the context of this sentence. "I really miss you" is an assurance reflecting a true and genuine feeling of missing someone. So it would be rather a response to a doubt or lack of conviction about something. Example: "I am not sure that you miss me." "Be sure, I do really miss you." "I miss you indeed" Here 'indeed' is an intensifier of the feeling.It emphasizes the fact. "Do you miss me ?" " I miss you indeed."
January 18, 2011
"I indeed miss you." doen't sound correct to me. I think "indeed" is more of an affirmative (to say yes to something or agree with something). "Really" emphasises the following word. Or it can be used as a question. "Really?" (Wow, I didn't know/expect that.)
January 18, 2011
indeed - without a doubt, of course really - is a question -> Is it in actual or fact ???
January 18, 2011
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