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What is the newest English word?
18 ม.ค. 2011 เวลา 19:49
Answers · 3
The OED (Oxford English Dictionary) estimates that nearly 1,000 new words are coined in English each year, with many nowadays being based on media events that pass quickly and aren't used again ("affluenza"), or are used for a short period then forgotten ("docusoap", "agritourism" "Facebook-stalking"). However some newer words which have come into vogue and not gone out are either: a) completely new words; blogging, to tweet (mainly technology-related neologisms, or completely new words) b) combinations of existing words to create a new thing (carjacking, buzzword, flash mob)
18 มกราคม 2011
The latest addition to the English language is, it appears, the word "squip." It seems to mean a small measure of ardent spirit.
19 มกราคม 2011
hello :P
18 มกราคม 2011
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