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How is your name's translate in eng. language?
18 янв. 2011 г., 23:40
Answers · 17
Jura is a Lithuanian name which means the sea. it is short for Jurate who was a mythical seagoddess.
19 января 2011 г.
full lithuanian vitalijus Origin should be latin vitalis (he was a guardian of new born, a priest i think) english meaning vital
19 января 2011 г.
David means "beloved" in Hebrew. It's a terribly common name, so I go by my surname.
22 января 2011 г.
CRYSTAL: Ice or Clear Glass. Brilliantly Pure. I LOVE MY NAME!!! :-)
20 января 2011 г.
Francisco is a German origin name that means "standard-bearer" But also means "Little French"(pequeño francés) due to the use that was given to this name during the XII Century as a name of the inhabitants of France: . The english version of my name is "Francis"
19 января 2011 г.
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