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Do you know what it means in Chinese? " 你妈妈叫你回家吃晚饭! " I try to translate it into English. English: Your mom let me tell you it's time for dinner and you should go home now! Chinese guys please keep silence. Others try to answer this question. Well, the translation would sound better as follows (after the advices from "sunshine4646" and "dancingbear") Your mom told you to go home and eat dinner. And the point of my question is about the meaning behind this Chinese sentence. It's actually a joke. So, try again.Okay. The answer is: this Chinese sentence implies "You're not welcome and get away!" It's not serious, so take it as fun.Sorry, "You're not welcome and get out of here!" not get away...
Jan 19, 2011 7:33 PM
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In the South we would say, "Your mother told you to go home and eat supper."
January 19, 2011
我看了你的句子没有“need”或“需要”但是我们常常说。听更好的 ”Your mom said that you need to go home and eat dinner!“
January 19, 2011
Thank YOU! Sunshine4646. "supper"... I learned it from school books and "dinner" from movies...Now I know their differences. :)
January 20, 2011
Your mom said that you need to go home and eat dinner! Your mother told you to go home and eat supper. The best I can think of is that these two sentences are both the correct translations if your looking for a "joke" translation. The 2nd sentence is good to say in the south because in the north, we don't say supper. However, most importantly the joke comes across with HOW the speaker says the sentence. (which is something I can't type) Finally, I could have interpreted the sentence incorrectly, so make sure you post the answer. ^_^
January 20, 2011
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