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Tony Robert Leo
who can explain that meaningfulness of abolishing the death penalty in western country to me ? anything ideas?tell me why?
2011년 1월 20일 오전 11:50
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Who said it was meaningful?
2011년 1월 20일
I would like to express my point of view on this problem. First of all, it's God who creates/gives our lives and only God has the right to take a person's life away. We, people, think that the criminal desrves the death penalty but we may be wrong/we may be mistaken. Secondly, if a criminal committed a very serious crime and deserves the death penalty, he/she must be sentenced to life imprisonment to atone for his crime. The criminal will be given an opportunity to think over his action, to realize how sinful it was and to regret about it. We must give an opportunity to the criminal to save his soul. Besides, he will work for other peoples' benefit.
2011년 1월 20일
Well, if you believe that people live more than once, then if you have a known criminal who has done some heinous crime you can jail him and at least keep him away from others awhile-- maybe even rehabilitate. If you execute (kill) him then you are losing control of him. He could turn up anywhere with a good possibility of doing similar types of things. So why lose that period of control? The death penalty is like the society just giving up any idea of control on this person.
2011년 1월 20일
Tony Robert Leo
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