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Do you use the 周公解梦 (zhou1gong1jie3meng4) to interpret dreams ? What do you know about this book? Attributed to The Duke of Zhou (周公但 - Zhou1 Gong1 Dan4) in the Western Zhou Dynasty. He was the brother of the first emperor and first regent to the Heir apparent after the Emperor of the Zhou Dynasty died. He is also more famously attributed to writing many surviving poems from this period and completing the I-Ching / Yi-Jing (易经 - Yi4 Jing1).*Correction: It should be 周公旦 One of my friend's sent me an online version of the 周公旦 which is very interesting: enjoy!
Jan 21, 2011 3:41 AM
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yeah~ some books on 解梦 is really interesting~ but this is just for entertainment :)
January 21, 2011
梦境:我不知为什么一直梦到勇,几乎每周一梦,有一段时间几乎是天天都梦,梦里我们相恋。   勇是我初中时的同桌,他是我们的班长、学生会主席,他脾气很好,很白净,戴眼镜,是那种书卷味道很浓的男孩,他说他喜欢孤独,可他和我一起时很快乐,很阳光,所以我那时一直认为他是装深沉。他对我简直是无条件的好,以至于一度盛传我们有恋情,年少懵懂的我非常厌恶这种流言,从此,正如他的毕业留言所说:“没多久,和平鸽迁徙了,我们是三天 一小吵,五天一大吵,象时钟一样准”。我恶言相向,他微笑不语;我赌气“撒泼”,他耐心承受。就这样,过了三年,我们分别考进了不同的学校,有了不同的人生,再也没见过面。   可是,前年开始,我就不断地梦到他。现实生活中我有个爱人,叫刚,我们非常相爱,而我也丝毫不曾想起过勇。可是梦里似乎是另一个世界,和现实正好相反,梦里没有我亲爱的刚,就好象我还没有见过我的刚,没认识他一样。似乎勇很爱我,我也有那么点朦胧的情感,和勇是恋人。   一切就是这样了,我好象白天是这个世界的人,夜晚是那个世界的人,我好象有两个男友,究竟是什么原因呢?   解梦:你的梦告诉我,近3年来,你与刚的感情中缺少一些初恋般的浪漫。在梦里的勇跟现实中的勇没有太大关系,与梦里的勇相恋,象征着你情窦初开时与异性交往的美好感觉。而现在你与刚的生活有些程式化,双方对待彼此都很理性,自然会缺乏一些浪漫的、随意的情调。梦里的恋情就是在补偿你现实中缺乏的浪漫和随意。所以,你不妨对刚也“恶言相向、赌气‘撒泼’”一回,为平凡单调的生活撒上一把盐和一把胡椒面。 本篇文章来源于周公解梦网[] ;原文地址:
June 6, 2011
hi, mike, glad for your interests. First, "周公解梦" is not authored by the Duke of Zhou. It is a book from posterity, people just use his name to sound more convincing. I've skimmed over the book before, not quite reasonable for me. Yi-Jing, actually there are three been written but only one has been hand down till now which wrote at Zhou Dynasty, also known as '周易 Zhou-Yi'. It is the source of Chinese philosophy and culture. Because it was written in very early time, Kong fuzi also wrote some explanation for it. I am afraid it is too complicate for foreigners, but good luck for you and wish help a little bit :)
January 21, 2011
No , I use the A-Z Dream Dictionary by Pamela Ball
January 21, 2011
Haha,this is one of my hobby. Every time when I have a special dream, I will look up. If it is said a good dream and shows luck in making money, I will go to buy lottery. Hahahah
January 21, 2011
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