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What does this mean, "We're not going to let you retire on our dime."? I don't get the last part, "on our dime". I looked 'dime' up in my dictionaries and the meaning doesn't fit in the context.
Jan 21, 2011 11:03 AM
Answers · 8
Dime, as in US 10c, so it refers to money/payment. "On our dime" means "at our expense" (ie. we are the ones being made to pay for you). There's another phrase "it's your dime", used to encourage someone to simply speak directly. It's best explained in this telephone conversation: A: Hi, can I ask you a question? B: It's your dime. (=you're paying for this call, so just go ahead and say it.)
January 21, 2011
our dime = our money
January 21, 2011
"on our dime" = "on our money". It may be referring to the taxpayer's money, e.g. "We are not going to let you fat cats retire on our dime (on our money)".
January 21, 2011
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