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what does "that's cute" mean here? I said I had many dreams come true.My pal replied "that's cute",is it a good sentence?what does "cute" mean here?
Jan 21, 2011 2:58 PM
Answers · 8
Literally, “that’s cute” means something is nice, adorable, sweet or quaint. But if “that’s cute” (or “isn’t that cute”) is said in a joking or mocking tone, then it can be a sarcastic comment that’s used to try and annoy someone. It sounds fine as a sentence (that’s cute = that’s nice).
January 21, 2011
It sounds as if your pal was a bit sarcastic. It's not what another guy would normally say to his friend. A female might use this expression.
January 22, 2011
is that: many dreams that came true?
January 29, 2011
I think your pal means awesome or something like that.....hihihi....I'll say that's great or that's wonderful.
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January 22, 2011
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