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How to say it in japanese... How can we say in japanese for example : " I wan't that " differently as " kore o kudasai" I only wnat to know how the form of sentence. Thanks^^
Jan 21, 2011 9:12 PM
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Actually "I want that" doesn't mean "sore kudasai". "sore kudasai" => (please) give me that "sore hoshii" => I want that □ I want that: sore hosii (それ欲しい) sore ga hoshii desu (それが欲しいです) □ give me that (please): sore cho-dai (それ頂戴) sore wo kudasai (それを下さい) But generally we are apt to say "I want this" as a question. It would be the same as English. For instance, people tend to say "May I have it?" instead of saying "please give me that". In Japanese, most of the time, we use the same way as they are. Below are the examples. □ give me that => May I have this? kore moraeru? (これ貰える?) kore wo itadake masuka? (これを頂けますか?)
January 22, 2011
Je voudrais connaître la forme de phrase pour dire je veux... Par exemple :" Je veux manger"
February 2, 2011
Salut, Elise! Je n´ai pas compris ce que tu voudrais savoir. La construction de "kore/sore/are ô kudasai" (donne moi celui-ci/là) est parfaite! Tu pourrais aussi dire "kore/sore/are ga hoshii-desu" (je veux celui-ci/là), mais la première forme est plus commun!
January 21, 2011
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