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Wich country would you recommend me to practive my english? Practice*
21 янв. 2011 г., 23:49
Answers · 7
I think Standard English from UK.and more clear and nice.American English is not easy to learn unless you live there or you really have much chance to talk with those guys.
26 января 2011 г.
UK you can find , English partners :-
22 января 2011 г.
lol no bad feelings. bulgaria... ken lee, dulibudibu dauchu, ken leeeee ken lee meju mo. it was "english" can't live without you ;)
22 января 2011 г.
America, because nowadays England uses just as much slang as the U.S also American english is more popular thanks to Hollywood and its entertainment industry. Even people from England are now trying to learn American english
22 января 2011 г.
Hi Fernanda, it depends how much money you have to live and study in an English speaking country. Apart from England you also could travel to the USA and Australia.
22 января 2011 г.
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