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descriptive subordinate clause could you please give a brief explanation or examples?
23. Jan 2011 00:56
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For learning Japanese # Using descriptive subordinate clauses - Tae Kim's Japanese grammar ... 19 Sep 2006 ... You cannot use 「だ」 to directly modify a noun with a noun ... Now that we've learned the concept of subordinate clauses and how they are used as ... The most basic sentence structure in English can be described as consisting of the ... Just remember the following rules. Japanese sentence order ... For learning English A descriptive clause= a subordinate clause that doesn't limit or restrict the meaning of the noun phrase it modifies
23. Januar 2011
It's a clause with an adjectival or adverbial function. Look here (in Russian):
23. Januar 2011
This is dreadfully abstract.
23. Januar 2011
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