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Marco Moura
How to say I like someone? The French verb Aimer means "to love" and it may also mean "to like". So, if I say "je t'aime" how will the person distinguish if I mean "I love you" or "I like you" ? What if I just want to say that I like him/her?
23 de ene de 2011 3:17
Answers · 6
like = aimer bien Je t'aime bien = I like you Je l'aime bien = I like him
23 de Enero de 2011
you can say "je t'apprécie" or "je vous aprécie" or "je/vous aime bien"
28 de Enero de 2011
tu me plais (with "s")...
25 de Enero de 2011
you can say also Tu me plait = i like you
24 de Enero de 2011
Marco Moura
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