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Who could help me learning spanish :) Hi everybody :) My name is Monika, I'm from Poland. Learnig spanish is my dream. I'm searching for nice, patient person who could help me taking first steps in this language. I know some words, but I need someone who just help me. I will be so much happy for all answers. I can give lessons about polish if someone will be interested.
23 янв. 2011 г., 12:48
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I have taught Spanish for many years. It is a beautiful language.
23 января 2011 г.
you can find , Spanish teachers :- Spanish Courses :- Spanish partners :-
29 января 2011 г.
We can try it... Bye.-)
24 января 2011 г.
I'm a native speaker of the Spanish language.. if you want I can help you :D GOOD LOOK :D
24 января 2011 г.
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