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what's the origin of " جَنَيْتُ " ? the whole sentence is: هل جنيت على أحد عندما قلت إني i know it means "to wrong" but what is the root verb? the verb " جنى " has nothing to do with "doing wrong" ? :/
Jan 23, 2011 2:04 PM
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أصله جنى فعل بمعنى verb : reap earn gather
January 23, 2011
i think it depends on the proposition after جنى alone -------> harvest جنى الثمار i hope that help!!! جنى على ----------> did wrong to جنى على صديقه
January 23, 2011
this is very good deep question جنيت comes from root word janah and it`s mean to drag somthing so if we use it with fruit it will means hervest fruitsجنى الثمار and if we use it with wrong it will mean drag wrong to him جنى الذنب Janah as noun can refer to gold,or honey or anything need draging which basicly postive item so if I say أخذت الجنى it up to situation so if am dealing with honey it`s mean I take honey جنى على drug something over him or claim so the translation is ok but it refer to a claim
January 24, 2011
جنيت = is a verb ( muscular ) - Janait جنيتي = verb ( feminine ) - Janaiti Word's root = جنى - Jana جناية = is a noun
January 23, 2011
First of all this is the past form for the verb "يجني" -This is the three froms of the verb (I'm explaining using the speaker pronoun "I" because it's a part of your sentence) Past: أنا جنيت Present: أنا أجني Future: أنا سأجني -well, if you try to translate it in the dictionaries you'll get the meaning of "جنيت" is "harvest" or "gather [full-grown fruit]". and that's one of it's meanings. the meaning what you want is to commit something wrong which is not allowed by law, decency..... -Maybe there isn't a literal translation word so the translation is: "Did I do did something makes anyone upset" or something like that.... - There is another ramified name which is "جناية" which means "felony". I hope that'd help you.
February 4, 2011
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