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What is your favorite song?What are you think about classical music?Is it urgent in our days?
2011年1月23日 18:08
Answers · 8
My favorite song is Love Story for any singer or as a music for any player. And yes, i find the classic music is of a great value, and it's my favorite, one of my favorite singers is Andy Williams ^^ what's about? What's your favorite song?
My favourite song is The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush. I like classical music and opera too. My favourite opera is Carmen. Classical music is of value because research shows that students learn more effectively listening to classical music.
The value of classical music doesn't depend on time.
Halka Halka Sa Ye Nasha..
My favorite song is Bless The Broken Road by Rascal's not too popular but the lyrics are really nice and heartwarming especially for people in love :) Here's the link..check it out :) And regarding your question about classical music, I'm not really a big fan of it, but it's great to listen to when you need some relaxation (especially when getting a massage :P)..It's also known to help develop a baby's intellectual ability so pregnant women are advised to listen to it... I believe classical music is an all-time-favorite for many people, and it's something that will be loved for all lifetime...
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