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How do you say ,随便,都可以吧 in English?
23 gen 2011 22:11
Answers · 9
随便,都可以吧 There are many ways to say this in English: whatever is fine, it doesn't matter to me either way is okay anything you all decide is fine by me it's all good etc...
23 gennaio 2011
In the context of: A: 你要喝什么饮料? B: 随便,都可以吧 Anything also can / Whatever is fine In the context of: A: 你要吃西餐或着日本餐? B: 随便,都可以吧 Whichever is fine / Either is ok. In the context of: A: 你要怎么做呢? B: 随便,都可以吧 Anyhow also can. (For both meanings of anyhow: 1) In Whatever manner 2) Do carelessly, without a proper plan
24 gennaio 2011
depends on what the first sentence is. one way to translate it more generically is : Whatever you like, anything will do!
24 gennaio 2011
The word 随便 has no single equivalent in English. Without context it is next to impossible to translate this. It looks like: "Take your pick!" Provide context!
24 gennaio 2011
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