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thaithai~ can someone tell me what this sentence means "ดิ้นรนจนเกินคำว่าพอดี" and tell me what each word is?
Jan 24, 2011 1:24 AM
Answers · 2
ดิ้นรน - struggle จน - until เกิน - over คำ - word ว่า - saying / that says พอดี - just enough (an adjective describing the extent where it's about right) Put them together you get the literal meaning of "struggle till it goes beyond the word enough" .. People don't say it in real life but you know how they always put it to rhyme in songs (I'd suppose you got it from a song ^^). If I don't remember it wrong. This part of the song means when a couple tries so hard to stay together even though it's never going to work out. Hope that helps!
January 24, 2011
I also want to know!
January 24, 2011
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