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say the meaning of words? A person by named Raju who hails from Andhra Pradesh,which is in India.Raju,is the most sought after as he carves birds and other decorative pieces with elephant tusks.He purchases elephant tusks at Rs.10 per kg He toils the entire day to make just one decorative item.he has been selling each decorative item for Rs.150 I want the meaning for toils? In which phrase we can use that word.
24 янв. 2011 г., 4:50
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Toil : To work hard, to labor with slow progress. I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.
24 января 2011 г.
toil = to work continuously without a break He toils in the fields.
24 января 2011 г.
Thank u !
24 января 2011 г.
"Toil" = to work very hard and/or for a long time, usually doing hard physical work.
24 января 2011 г.
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