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"have" and " has" Which is correct to say? "Does he has" or "Does he have"? :"Does he have a hump?" or "Does he has a hump?" Which is correct? Why?
Jan 24, 2011 1:38 PM
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does he have this is correct. 陈述句中,,he has 疑问句中,,does he have you need to remember this rule in grammar,just remember
January 24, 2011
does he have............ sometimes I just signed if you've taken "es" in the front such as does, so you needn't put this in have......
January 24, 2011
You can take this rule as for verbs in the 3rd person. For example: “He reads a book”, “Does he read a book?” – notice when you use “does” you cut off the 's' after the verb. So: “Does he have a hump? Yes, he has a hump”, “Do you have a hump? Yes, I have a hump.”
January 24, 2011
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