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Why chinese people are so shy, reserved, inert in talking (chatting)? Even if you are learning another language you almost never be innitiative in talking. Like you're waiting when interlocutor will talk and you prefer keep silence. But without talking you will never know another languageChinese people are used to worrying too much things that westerners never worry about. ======================= I see. Questions is: "What things"? :) Yes. You're friendly and polite. And so reserved :))For example: Garyee Yue. She is talkative, she gave the answer. She thanked. But she told no word about the suject of the question :)) i mean "reserved" not as untalkative. I mean chinese people can talk much and tell nothingthough sometimes you even don't talk much, preferring to wait initiative from another man
24 de Jan de 2011 às 14:50
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I think they are nice. Everyone is different though... In my experience they are pretty friendly and talkative . ^^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...aaaaaaaaaaand after details: Well, because everyone has different experiences and that make us hold different opinions about the same subject, you'll probably never find the answer to your question here, just subjective points of view :) Question: why don't you try somewhere else? If you reeeeeeaaallly think the "problem" is chinese people, you can always look in a different direction and BUM ... maybe you'll find what you are looking for. ^^
24 de Janeiro de 2011
In fact, this is one of the points that I might want to discuss in my thesis. First of all, our culture definitely plays an important role on this. Yet, I also want to find out if (actually I kinda believe that more or less) the language itself also results to this. BTW, your question just gave me some inspiration on my thesis. Thank you so much!!!
24 de Janeiro de 2011
May I point out, the Chinese certainly are NOT shy, reserved, or lacking in initiative. Sometimes I have to tie them down and gag them just to get some peace and quiet. Hi hi.
24 de Janeiro de 2011
sometimes we don't know whether others will care the things we asked , we are afarid that if we did then we will lose a friend .
24 de Janeiro de 2011
It is due to the chinese tradition and culture. Chinese people is not used to expressing true feelings and opinions, afraid of disagreement, mistakes,differences.and generally cannot accept them. Because these may harm the so called harmony, which is important in our chinese social network. Being different and special is not encouraged in china, but things are changing now
25 de Janeiro de 2011
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