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Montaser Al Tawil
Any language easier Spanish or Chinese ? Any language easier Spanish or Chinese ?
24 янв. 2011 г., 15:42
Answers · 7
There is no easy or difficult language depends on how you have perseverance to learn the language.
24 января 2011 г.
somehow, i have a feeling, more close to your own culture, more easy to learn, first of all, there is a lot of similar words, the prous is similar. The most important way is the thinking way is close too, words or grammar is not the most hard part to learn a language, but the thinking way of native speaker and backgroud of culture. if you could handle that, could never really say i know how to speak that, it is just broken chinese or broken spanish . so , for you, i think spanish is easier personal opinions
26 января 2011 г.
I Think, Spanish is easier, definitely
25 января 2011 г.
For me it is Spanish. The Chinese language is totally different.
25 января 2011 г.
which language is easier;spanish or chinese?
24 января 2011 г.
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