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Help me please someone what is free morpheme- bound morpheme - word base - affixes - prefixes
Jan 25, 2011 2:01 AM
Answers · 4
base: a morpheme that gives a word its meaning. The base morpheme cat gives the word cats its meaning: a particular type of animal. prefix: an affix that comes before a base morpheme. The in in the word inspect is a prefix. suffix: an affix that comes after a base morpheme. The s in cats is a suffix.
January 25, 2011
free morpheme: a morpheme that can stand alone as a word without another morpheme. It does not need anything attached to it to make a word. Cat is a free morpheme. bound morpheme: a sound or a combination of sounds that cannot stand alone as a word. The s in cats is a bound morpheme, and it does not have any meaning without the free morpheme cat. read more :
January 25, 2011
Thank so much for this information now I understand Thanks.....
January 25, 2011
"Un-like-ly" "Like" is a word base. "Un" is a prefix. Prefixes stand before the word base. "Ly" is a suffix. Suffixes stand after the word base. Both prefixes and suffixes are called affixes. "Unhappy" - The affix(prefix) "un" "Careless" - The affix(suffix) "less" "Bound morpheme" is a morpheme that is bound to another/the other morpheme. "Unlikely", "unhappy", "careless" are all bound morphemes. If there is only one morpheme, it is called a free morpheme, for example, "like".
January 25, 2011
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