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Help me please the meaning of this word inflectional affixes - derivational affixes
Jan 25, 2011 2:07 AM
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inflectional affix derivational affix
January 25, 2011
Thank so much for this information. It is so important for me. Thanks
January 25, 2011
An inflectional affix is an affix that: * expresses a grammatical contrast that is obligatory for its stem's word class in some given grammatical context * does not change the word class of its stem * is typically located farther from its root than a derivational affix, and * produces a predictable, non idiosyncratic change of meaning. s: creates plural nouns, as in "She owns two dogs." -s: creates possessive nouns, as in "I found my dog's leash." -s: creates third-person singular form of verbs, as in "He walks." -ed: creates past tense of verbs, as in "He walked." -en: creates past-participle verbs, as in "I've given her a chance." -ing: creates present-participle verbs, as in "I am running." -er: creates comparative adjectives and adverbs, as in "She's smarter than I." -est: creates superlative adjectives and adverbs, as in "She's the smartest of the bunch." A derivational affix is an affix by means of which one word is formed (derived) from another. The derived word is often of a different word class from the original. A derivational affix is not part of an obligatory set of affixes * generally occurs closer to the root * generally is more meaningful, and * is more likely to result in a form that has a somewhat idiosyncratic meaning. Examples * Joyful * Joyfulness * Stapler
January 25, 2011
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