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•Do you think it's important for children to learn to draw? Do you think it's important for children to learn to draw? What do you think are some of the benefits for children from drawing (or painting)? Did you like drawing (or painting) when you were a child? (Why?/Why not?)
Jan 25, 2011 7:25 AM
Answers · 3
I don't think it's important for children to learn how to draw but it's good if they get to explore their artistic side. If you try to notice, most kids start to communicate in writing through drawing pictures (way before they learn how to write letters and words) it means drawing is a great natural way of expressing thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, if you look at drawings or paintings, you will see in them something more than words could say... And yes, I've loved drawing and painting pictures since I was a little girl :)
January 25, 2011
my answer is yes.when i was younger ,i like draw very much and now i like it too.if you child likes drawing , i think it will be a good can make your child more patient.
January 25, 2011
yes, only when I was a child. My drawings were hanging on the wall. My best was spaceship in the space and a ladder to it from earth. But in school I hated it, coz I've lost my imagination, had an awfull technique, and used to get bad marks. Now i prefer music or theatre.
January 25, 2011
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