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Yesterday, a pigeon carried the first message from Pinhurst to Silbury. (How about using "brought" instead of "brought"? Any difference?(How about using "brought" instead of "carried"? Any difference?
25 يناير 2011 12:27
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3 reasons: 1. As Eliot says, "bring" does not necessarily mean "carry". 2. If you use 'brought .. from.. to Silbury", it infers that the writer is located at Silbury, whereas using 'carried' indicates simply that a mesage was transported between the two places. 3. In English, the verb 'to carry' is, in the context of the use of birds to transport messages, normally associated with pigeons. The trained birds are usually called 'carrier pigeons'.
26 يناير 2011
You are correct in using the word "carried"
25 يناير 2011
Yes. The pigeon carried the message. "bring" does not necessarily mean "carry".
25 يناير 2011
aren't the same?
25 يناير 2011
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