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How to say "as long as you're answering my questions" in Italian?
2011年1月25日 19:56
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It can be translated in two ways, according to the emphasis you want to give to the sentence: *PURCHÉ [congiunzione subordinante condizionale] "Ad Aekke Naekkepenn non sarà fatto alcun male, purchè tu risponda alle mie domande" = "As long as you answer my questions, Aekke Naekkepenn will not be hurt". In this case, the emphasis is all on the condition. If the condition is not met, * will happen. In this case "Provided that/If you answer my questions, A.N. will not be hurt" *FINCHÉ [congiunzione subordinante temporale] "Finchè rispondi/risponderai alle mie domande, non farò del male ad Aekke Naekkepenn" = "As long as you answer to my questions, I will not hurt Aekke Naekkepenn". As you may notice, "finchè" underlines the duration of the event and is a synonim of "until, while" ("while you are answering my questions, A.N. will not be hurt" or "until you answer my questions, A.N. will not be hurt). =NOTES= As I wrote those are not stand-alone conjunction but they are used to build secondary sentences, so you need a main clause to link them to. Unless you are answering to someone who "offered" you the main clause... -"Mamma, posso andare a giocare con Aekke Naekkepenn?" -"Sì, purché tu faccia tutti i tuoi compiti!" [condition] "No, finché non hai finito tutti i tuoi compiti" [time] AND, PLEASE, ANSWER TO HER QUESTIONS OR THEY WILL HURT ME!
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