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How to say " does that make sense in Italian"?-"Ha senso in italiano"?
Jan 25, 2011 8:26 PM
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si': "ha senso in italiano" è pura e semplice lingua italiana; una espressione alternativa: " ha significato in italiano " Un avvertimento su una espressione apparentemente vicina, "fa senso" , che ha tutt'altro significato (has a complete different meaning) Esempi: -- questa traduzione fa senso -- this translation is very very bad -- il suo modo di cantare fa senso -- his way of singing can't be heard "fa senso" e' una frase ellittica per dire: " fa una sensazione di ribrezzo " (activates a feeling of disgust) Nota: frase ellittica: frase privata di qualche termine, che rimane comunque sottointeso (silently understood).
January 25, 2011
id say you could say that, and the meaning is pretty much similar to the english version, though this is more an english phrase and whoever can speak english will recognise it as a typical english phrase translated in italian. it's something like the "How can i help you?" angloamerican clerks normally use, where an italian clerk would just say "Dica?", "say?": if some firm would be to use their clerks saying "Come posso aiutarla?" would sound they are playing the american firm play... in short, you can say it, it has roughly the same meaning, and would be a fair choice for anybody but an italian natural speaker, because an italian top of mind phrase would be something like "vuol dire qualcosa in inglese?" or "significa qualcosa in inglese?"
January 25, 2011
si "ha senso in italiano?" va bene.
January 25, 2011
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