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what does " chock with loopholes" means?
2011년 1월 26일 오후 4:05
Answers · 3
In British English, 'chock full of' means 'very full of' or 'full to capacity'. Maybe this is describing a contract that has been badly written and is therefore full of loopholes?
2011년 1월 26일
You have to appreciate the humour here: a "chock" is a thick wedge used to stop something moving (eg. the wheels of a car), so "chock full" means full in a very solid way. However, holes are empty things. We do say "full of holes" to mean something has many holes in it. A "loophole" exists in a contract or a law when one small part can be interpreted specially and therefore make the whole law useless. So you have a law or contract which has so many faults that it is useless.
2011년 1월 26일
" chock a block with loopholes" = you cannot trust the situation as there are many unanswered questions
2011년 1월 27일
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