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'having done' and 'doing'? What's the difference between 1 and 2 ? 1.A person having held three posts. 2.A person holding three posts.
26 de ene de 2011 16:22
Answers · 4
having held = past holding = present
27 de Enero de 2011
"Having held three posts" means the person had three different jobs/posts, and at least two of them are finished and in the past (it's not clear if the third job is in the past or the present). It is an example of the past perfect continuous/progressive form. "A person holding three posts" means this one person has three jobs/posts right now, at the same time. It is an example of the present continuous/progressive form.
26 de Enero de 2011
having held: past or started in the past and continues into the present holding: present- currently holding in this moment.
26 de Enero de 2011
1: past tense 2: present progressive
26 de Enero de 2011
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