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OR in korean I've been thinking about this since i started learning korean a few months ago. How do you say or? There seem to exist several words and ways to do it. The word "또는" comes up if you use google translate. But i don't trust that. So, how would you say the following: This or that? Left or right? should we drink coffee or milk? do you want to watch tv or play video games? And also, suggesting/asking something and not saying the alternative. Like: Should we do it, or...? Are we friends again, or...? Thanks in advance :)
Jan 26, 2011 6:56 PM
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또는 can be used, as in the following example taken from the net: 컴퓨터에 Adware 또는 Spyware가 설치되어 있습니까? (Are there adwares or spywares on (the) computer?) (also 아니면/아님 = if not) But also 나 between nouns and 거나 between verbs: 커피나 녹차 (coffee or green tea) But very often questions are "doubled" in case of an alternative: 녹차 마실까? 커피 마실까? short form for negation: 커피 마실까(?) 말까? Shall we have a coffee(?) or not? >>>beware, this is a MISTAKE>>>> And if you want to express "or something else (whatever)", you can use 라도: 커피라도 마실까? >>>See below>>>
January 29, 2011
Here's the online dictionary I use: You can find the many different words for "or" there. I don't know how to use them all, so I won't answer the actually question. :) Good luck!
January 26, 2011
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