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What is the defference of "pagal he" and "pagal ho" I'm confused about when use "he" and "ho"
Jan 27, 2011 10:51 AM
Answers · 4
"pagal he" = he is crazy "pagal ho" = you are crazy
January 27, 2011
पागल है Pāgala hai = nuts/mad/insane/is crazy
January 29, 2011
"pagal ho(पागल हो)" means u r mad ("ho" is always used when sentence starts with "tum"(people use it with "aap" also) in present tense ) complete sentence is (tum) pagal ho (तुम पागल हो ) pagal hai(पागल है) is sentence about someone who is pagal wah pagal hai (he/she is mad) ye pagal hai ladka pagal hai etc. keep adding nouns(singular) and pronouns(except i मैं and u तुम) sentence is correct .............. paagal hai for plural hai है will be changed to hain हैं -if sentence starts with मैं (main) it always ends with हूँ(hoon) in present tense eg correct usage will be मैं पागल हूँ [b]main[/b] pagal [b]hoon[/b] तुम पागल हो [b]tum[/b] pagal [b]ho[/b] in two cases above even if u dont say pronouns it is understood that what exactly u mean, or whom u r talking about
January 27, 2011
actually "ho" is used for second person and "he" is used for third person.
January 27, 2011
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