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What is the sense of life? 什么是生命的意义吗?
28 янв. 2011 г., 2:41
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什么是生命的意义呢?(here it's "呢" not "吗") or 生命的意义是什么? or 你知道生命的意义是什么吗? Life is a game. God created it to fool us.
28 января 2011 г.
Maybe a huge vacuum, or something humourous, but broken. I don't know what is the sense of life...
28 января 2011 г.
To love and be loved in return.
29 января 2011 г.
The sense of life is when you know the sense of life after all, from your own experience, not by others telling you. Because individuals make different senses.
28 января 2011 г.
it's to find it,to feel.
28 января 2011 г.
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