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there is no such word in english : it fun . if the emotion ? laughs? thought - provoking? meaningful ?^_^
Jan 28, 2011 9:26 AM
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I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say.
January 28, 2011
Do you mean the word "fun?" Here is a dictionary definition of the word "fun" Meanings of "fun" used as a noun 1. amusement, sport, treat, pleasure, entertainment, cheer, good time, recreation, enjoyment, romp, distraction, diversion, frolic, junketing, merriment, whoopee (informal), high jinks, living it up. Example: You still have time to join in the fun. 2. joking, clowning, merriment, playfulness, play, game, sport, nonsense, teasing, jesting, skylarking (informal) Example: There was lots of fun going on last night. 3. enjoyment, pleasure, joy, cheer, mirth, gaiety. Example: She had a great sense of fun. Example: I thought he was a figure of fun. Meaning of "fun"used as an adjective: enjoyable, entertaining, pleasant, amusing, lively, diverting, witty, convivial. Example: It was a fun evening. for or in fun for a joke, tongue in cheek, jokingly, playfully, for a laugh, mischievously, in jest, teasingly. Example: Don't say such things, even in fun. fun and games horseplay, clowning, romping, pranks, fooling around, rough-and-tumble, junketing, revelry, skylarking (informal), high jinks, jollity, buffoonery, merrymaking. Example: Their fun and games hurt a lot of people. make fun of something or someone mock, tease, ridicule, poke fun at, take off, rag, rib (informal), laugh at, taunt, mimic, parody, deride, send up (Brit. informal), scoff at, sneer at, lampoon, make a fool of, pour scorn on, take the mickey out of (Brit. informal), satirize, pull someone's leg, hold up to ridicule, make a monkey of, make sport of, make the butt of, make game of. Example: Don't make fun of me!
January 29, 2011
Yes, add your question in Chinese. Sorry can't really guess it. You want a word like 好玩? Maybe the problem is not the English does not have a word, but that it does not have ONE expression, instead having different ones for different situations? 什么问题?
January 28, 2011
no such word (translation) in English?... Or maybe, no such word (translation) in Chinese? :)
January 28, 2011
I don't think there's anyone who could understand your question. Maybe you can try posting it in Chinese?
January 28, 2011
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